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Friday, February 20, 2015

Become Champions with Kevin Costner, Gifted Kids are Everywhere #McFarland

I think it is great to see movies based on a real life stories. You start to realize that everyone can become a part of somewhat exciting and inspirational.

McFarland Runner

This time Disney brings to a big screen “McFarland”, the film based on true story about runners from California’s town McFarland. The story starts with some kind of misadventures of Coach Jim White played by Kevin Costner. He moves to McFarland after losing his job and tries to adjust to a new town and his new job as a football coach.

After a while Jim White notices the exceptional abilities of kids he is coaching and comes to an idea of creating of a cross-country team in McFarland. Never being a cross-country coach and children who do not see any other future than working at McFarland farms for the rest of their lives. Everything happens for the first time and the team of McFarland cross-country runners are ready to compete with other schools.

McFarland Cross-country

The story itself may stopped at this point if only everyone does not realize that if they want to win and change their lives there is only one way to be together as a team. It is great coaches’ job to show children how gifted and talented they are. To show that kids are have all abilities and talents to be the best. It is definitely difficult to balance school, a farm work and a cross-country training but what if it is for something big and important. When you can change your life for better, your family, community and city, isn't it amazing? You just need to believe it is possible and Disney's “McFarland” is a proof to that.

“McFarland” opens in theatres on February 20, 2015. The story about team work, family and dreams which come true.

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