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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Playing Dreidel Game

If you ever were curious about new games and holidays, then it is good to learn about Dreidel Game. Having kids makes us learn and play more, teaching them all new things and concepts. This month I received 100 Medium Plastic Dreidels. They are conveniently packed in a zip lock stand up bag, easy to take and play with you. I think they are perfect for teaching kids Dreidel Game. The size is excellent for our JK kids to play, not very small and not too big, little hands know what to do right away. And colors definitely catch your eyes: live and vivid.

So here are some details how to play this interesting game, the rules may be different but we go the easiest way, noting that any number of people can play the game:

1. Each player gets an equal amount of pennies
2. Each player puts a penny in the center
3. Time to spin the dreidel! The letter facing up when dreidel stops does the following:
Nun – do nothing
Gimel - the player gest everything   in the pot (1 penny should always stay in the center)
Hey – the player takes half of the pot
Shin – the player put one penny in the pot
4. The one with the most pennies is the winner.

The dreidels are great for schools and class games, kids are so much into it, plus quality you can definitely rely on. Safe for kids older than 3 years old. It is amazing how much children love bright colors and spinning, and the dreidels spin really well to kids’ excitement. Children can choose the colors they like and take dreidels home if they want. The price of the pack is good too, 100 dreidels are around $20.

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