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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Woody Toy Story Costume for Teddy

Woody Disney

Costumes for kids are always in high demand, no matter if holidays like Halloween or New Year are already behind. Birthdays, celebrations, day care performances and shows, especially Disney ones which come in Toronto every year with new programs and new characters. And as Teddy is a huge fan of Disney stories and loves Disney movies we decided to get him Woody Toy Story Costume, knowing that Toy Story part is included in the Disney performance. This March Break Teddy was very happy to be Woody, this brave and adventurous cowboy.

Woody Costume

The costume includes a jumpsuit and a hat. The jumpsuit has fasteners on the back to make sure it perfectly fits kid’s body. The top of the outfit is plaid yellow with a cow print vest. While we had a red bandana for the neck, we got it for Teddy in Texas, it was not necessary because this piece is already added as a part of the jumpsuit. The bottom of Woody’s cowboy costume consists of blue pants, giant silver belt and a gun(even as a decor) what every sheriff has to have. What a Woody without his famous cowboy hat which brings the final touch to the costume. We like that this costume suits Teddy perfectly; we did not need to hem the pants and roll the sleeves. I remember when we first received this Woody costume, Teddy was so happy to wear it and did not want to take it off till going to bed. He was so happy to be Woody even for a while, going on his own adventures, finding real friends and playing Teddy Woody Toy Story.

Woody Toy Story Costume

Teddy was wearing the costume to Disney: Let’s Party show and was so excited to watch Toy Story part, where Woody was skating with his friends. While the Disney Party is over we still have many more to come ahead, so we keep this Woody costume handy because this sheriff decided to stay a leader of the toys for longer time: "I'd like to join your posse, boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song."

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