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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pamper Yourself with Incredible Güd Products from Burt's Bees

 Gud products

I can definitely say that Güd products saved me during gloomy days we had this winter and first month of spring. I love winter and cold weather but the lack of sunshine makes me feel really depressive. It was really excited that Güd offered me to choose flavours I like in the Güd collection and generously sent me two hair care and two body care products. Being Burt's Bees new line, Güd carries all the benefits of natural personal care products.

Gud Floral Cherrynova

For hair I had chosen Floral Cherrynova filled with cherry blossom and almond milk. I can tell you that amazing cherry flavor takes you on adventures, reminding you a cherry blossom orchard or a bowl of fresh cherries. You can instantly feel natural products when you try them. It looked like  Cherrynova shampoo and my hair are created for each other. Next step Floral Cherrynova conditioner which makes my hair smooth and soft.

The body care products I received included Pearanormal Activity body wash and body lotion. They clean your body and smell so good, making the bath experience pleasant and fun. While I usually prefer scent free skin care because of irritations, this time Pear and Acai Berry scents were very welcome. I think Güd products are very different from what I used before. Their scents are truly like a music to your nose, somewhat exciting you dream about. If you take a look at different Güd products you can see how colorful their packaging is, bright, cheerful, inviting and never boring.

Güd products are sweet and fabulous combinations of treats to your eyes, nose and skin. They nourish you in all “directions” – look at colorful packaging, smell favorite scents and treat your body with natural ingredients to delight and inspire.

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