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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Saw It on Pinterest - My Ice Cream Soda #cbias

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Thats Pinteresting ice cream soda #shop
Pinterest became my favorite place I visit over the last few months. How many creative ideas, tips, recipes, crafts and stories you can find on its boards. What are so addictive and exciting in that comparatively new social media site, my answer is images. One picture is worth ten thousand words. That’s why I was so thrilled when offered to find something exciting, inspiring and challenging on CB Socially on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/cbsocially/, something my amazing fellow SoFab community members created and shared to the whole world. Yes, the entire world can find and get ignited with creative ideas for any event like Celebrations, Weddings, Holidays, Pets, Fun for Kids, Crafts/DIY, Food and much more.

It was difficult to choose after hours of browsing through CB Socially Pinterest boards I like Back to School, Outdoor DIY , Camping (totw), Creative Cupcakes  and finally, my inspiration for "I saw it on Pinterest challenge" became a Darling Candy Ice Cream Soda  found on Crafts / DIY board from Free Family Fun blog.

So I grabbed my little one and we headed to our Walmart to get the supply for our Pintresting project. Our initial inspiration was in fabulous strawberry - pinky color, for our soda we decided to go with choclolate coconut and as a result of browsing through the candy isles we got for filling Joe’s Tasty Travels Trio Mix Chocolate & Yogurt covered Cranberries, Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips and Hershey's drops
For soda glass we found an amazing shape Hurricane lamp, of course, we could not skip crafts isles to get styrofoam balls, chenille stems, Ad tech glue gun and gluestick batons.

Walmart Thats Pinteresting supplies #shop
Let’s our project begin, first we mixed Joe’s Tasty Travels Trio Mix Chocolate & Yogurt covered Cranberries, Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips and Hershey's drops together and filled the glass.

Thats Pinteresting candies mixing #shop

My little one was happy to do that working with them like with little toys.

Thats Pinteresting filling glasss #shop

Then we put a styrofoam ball on top of the glass.
Thats Pinteresting filled glass #shop Thats Pinteresting styrofoam ball #shop

Next we charged our glue gun and attached our Kerr’s Cream & Butter Toffee candies to the styrofoam ball.

Thats Pinteresting glue gun #shop Thats Pinteresting final glass #shop

After we covered the ball we took one brown chenille stem to make a straw, cut it in half, bend it at the bottom and inserted it between the Toffee candies.
And here you are “Ice Cream Soda” is ready. I also made a Google+ Album of our That's Pinteresting! challenge, so please take a look. Glad we always can visit Walmart to make many CB Socially Pintresting ideas a reality, boards continue to grow every day so check often for inspiration.

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  1. I love this. Looks so easy to do.. Thank you for sharing.