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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toshiba Back to School Event #ToshibaPopUp

 photo ToshibaPopUp_zpsdcfd6ab4.jpg

A year ago we attended Future Shop Back To School event filled with innovative products and fancy designs from leading technology brands including Toshiba. It may seem just a start of the summer and the school year just finished up, but now is exactly the time to learn and stock up with the right tech for the next school year. These days it is does not matter if you are in elementary school or university, learning the ABC or biochemistry, everyone needs tech gadgets to be successful in their studies.

 photo Excite Write  photo Excite Pure

Last week we were lucky to attend Toshiba’s BTS event in Toronto held at Proper Reserve. We started with Excite series of tablets, first was Excite Write, the functionality is its name – sharp clarity display 10.1 inch PixelPure and True Pen arrange a real pen and paper experience, great for drawings or taking notes. I would love to have one for my kid; he is not much in writing but in drawing he feels pretty comfortable. Another tablet from Excite series is a budget- friendly Excite Pure, perfect for busy student life, mostly loved the presence of Mobile Office for Android.

Toshiba Laptop Thin Toshiba Laptop White Sleek Laptop Toshiba Laptop

Laptops could not escape our attention; we were introduced to the new Satellite series combining design and performance depends on a student’s needs from budget friendly like C to sleek and stylish with premium features like L and S. Better graphics, improved keyboard and Shock Protection making the laptops are perfect for busy schools days and gaming adventures. Take a look Qosmio X70 - Max Gaming Machine with mammoth multimedia features and a control from any Windows, Android or Apple device.

Toshiba Desktop Control

All-in-one PX30t Desktop turned out to be a multimedia station with HD touchscreen, and Toshiba Gesture Controller for Windows 8 gives an opportunity to multitask in a move of your hand.

L4300 Cloud TV Toshiba L4300 Cloud TV Remote

I was impressed with L4300 Cloud TV, it has everything I want to see during my busy life - open browser ready for any request, Netflix, YouTube, Skype with HD TV webcam(see my pretty face) and Calendar, Alerts, cloud messaging and much more.

Also found this TY-SP1 Bluetooth Speaker pretty cool, they are less than less than 100 grams and doing an amazing job for volume control plus can be used as speakerphones for hands-free talking (I really need this one) .

Hope you like all the new tech hitting the stores, time to get them before new school year starts, glad we still have time to choose form such a variety of products.


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