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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vaughan WinterFest 2013

Vaughan WinterFest 2013

This month we were excited to attend Vaughan WinterFest 2013, after last year WinterFest we were sure that the City of Vaughan organized lots of family-friendly activities for Vaughan residents.
The event took place at the North Thornhill Community Center just across the street so we were ready to spend a day there.

It was cold day but we did not feel that with all the entertainment happening outside and inside the Center. We started with the outdoor Amphitheatre stage show, where Kobbler Jay: The Eccentric Juggler presented his fancy tricks, involving the audience in his performance and scaring me by juggling with sharp knives and fire managing technique. Bounce Entertainment cheered up the audience the whole day with nice moves inviting all to join them.

 photo 050_zpsf3e6c7c2.jpg  photo 042-1_zps9f5d8001.jpg  photo 021_zps947704c8.jpg  photo 056_zpsd2aa8f13.jpg

Then we decided to go inside to see what is going on in the Center, lots of services presented their displays and information ranging from Viva public transportation, community to sport training.

Teddy was excited to participate in Pizza Nova’s pizza making workshop, fun same as last year.

Pizza making workshop1 Pizza making workshop2 Pizza making workshop
Also met our old friends from Star Wars, Teddy spotted them right away.

Star wars

Then we headed out to explore Tim Hortons Midway Zone and take some rides; pose with real firefighter truck, met Caillou, Alex the Lion, Strawberry Shortcake and Om Nom at the Outdoor Gazebo.
 photo VaughanWinterFest2013 Firefighter Truck

It was really busy day filled with fun and excitement I wish we participated in all the activities. The best way to spend a winter day with Community!

Ice Figure ice work Tim Hortons Midway Zone


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