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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teddy at the ROM exploring ancient Maya

Last month we attended the Royal Ontario Museum, one of the world's leading museum with incredible exhibits and it's impressive collections of Natural History and World Cultures. It was Teddy's first time at a museum and I wanted to show him something special and incredible, some wonders to feed his kid's curiosity.
One of the exhibition we intended to see was Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World, featured many artifacts including masks, jewellery, utensils, incredible writing pieces. We were impressed with Maya's temples, houses and buildings with unusual styles and designs. Teddy liked the Maya's map looked like a prototype for war battles with little houses, hills and rivers. Maya's writings or glyphs were like art works. It was difficult to imagine that many years ago people lived in these buildings, used these utensils, celebrated their special holidays, followed their leaders and idols.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the exhibit, only the stand at the entrance and a gift shop were our photography spots.

Next discoveries were Natural History Galleries with Dinosaurs and Mammals. Teddy was so excited to see all these large dinosaur skeletons, Ice Age animals, fossil birds and insects. He was running from one exhibit to another with interest.

Then we walked into the CIBC Discovery Gallery, where was an amazing pre-schooler play area with tables, toys, puzzles and costumes to try on.

Teddy tried two costumes, one for Asian warrior and another one is for a Medieval knight.

After that Teddy went to dig for dinosaur bones as a real archaeologist and tried to relax inside a kid-sized tipi.

When we came to the fossil animals exhibit Teddy was so tired so we decided to leave, but with a feeling that we are coming back very soon. 

So many adventures and discoveries are waiting Teddy in the ROM.

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