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Monday, May 28, 2012

New kid on the block

New sites are launched every minute of every day across the world; a majority make little to no impact on the way we browse, interact or shop on the internet.

Sites that offer you coupons to use both online and in-store are not a new concept and you have no doubt come across them but there is a new coupon code site that is looking to take hold of the industry and shake it up completely!

MyDeals coupon site is launching to rival all others that you may have used in the past! The company behind it have focused the model around the customer interface to deliver the coupon codes in a format consumers want rather than just a generic list.

What makes this new site different is the fact that it is clever and does what you want it to without having to ask, it’s like the perfect (money saving) husband! Trying to find coupon codes that are meant exclusively for the Canadian stores can be very difficult due to the dominance of the American market.

What normally happens is that we have a tab or small section on an American site to filter through to find what we are looking for (or not as the case may be) and that’s why this new coupon site is going to change the way many of us frugal Canadians get hold of our coupons!

Here is why:

1. Like most Canadians, you probably live in Canada!

2. You probably want to save some money, who doesn’t?

3. You have probably come across coupon sites online in the past.

4. You have probably trawled through the sites looking for coupon codes that can be used in Canada rather than USA-only.

The solution this new site has come up with is simple; only show you relevant results to you.

If you are in Canada you will automatically land on http://www.mydeals.com/ca, the dedicated Canadian page. As soon as you start browsing the coupons and discounts on the site, the software powering it will learn what you really want and show you those results first.

With the addition of price comparison and intelligence this site should make a nice change to what is currently being offered in the market place.

Why not have a look at the site that is launching soon? If you have read down to here and are thinking, “I’ve never used a coupon site, I must try one out” then you have been missing out so make up for lost time.

It really is a satisfying feeling saving money on goods you would have happily paid full price on or even been able to get the next version up of a product because the saving made it financially viable.

It is particularly rewarding when you dig and find it but if it comes and finds me then I won’t be complaining!

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