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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vaughan WinterFest 2012

The snow outside and Teddy's almost everyday walks (usually rides in the stroller) to the North Thornhill Community Center playground remind us Vaughan WinterFest that happened this month.

It was an unforgettable family-friendly event filled with fun as inside as outside the Center: rides, performances, characters, cooking classes. The event started with official welcome by Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua & Members of Council.

Then at the Outdoor Amphitheatre where we watched Max & Ruby's Musical Playdate. Teddy is a big fan of Max & Ruby, he likes their songs and dances.

After the performance Teddy went to play hockey, sending pucks into the gates at RBC Play Hockey Zone.

We also liked fabulous ice-carving figures and sculptures.

Teddy met Star Wars Characters, there were so many of them, but if you only saw how many people came to the event, all Star Wars Characters were busy from the beginning to the end of the Fest.

After that Teddy went to greet and take a picture with a cute Puss in Boots. He's never seen such a big cat.

Please welcome Teddy as a new cerified pizza maker in our family, after attending the Pizza Nova Workshop we expect to have a fresh pizza every week.

There were so many wonderful activities, and all free, one day was not enough to experience all of them:  Fearless – A Tribute to Taylor Swift, Kobbler Jay: The Eccentric Juggler, Doo Doo the International Clown. Toronto Maple Leafs fans met Jake Gardiner there for a autograph session. Blocks building inside the Center, Tim Hortons Midway Zone rides outside.

It was a great event, Teddy was so tired when we came home, so he fell asleep exhausted baby right away.

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  1. LL someone had lots and lots and lots of fun! Returning your follow and looking forward to more visits.