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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downsview Park Winter Fest

Last Saturday we went to Downsview Park Winter Fest to celebrate the winter season. The weather was really nice so we came to the park quite early and first what we saw were horse - drawn Wagon Rides. Since we had a stroller we decided to see all the attractions and then take Wagon Rides.

After a little walk a big area opened to us so we can see how many amazing attractions are prepared for us to explore. We started with husky dogs and dog sledding. Teddy was excited to see the dogs, and they were woofing from time to time that made me scared a little. But Teddy was so happy to touch them and hear how dogs saying WOOF.

Then we were treated with hot chocolate and started creating a winter bird feeder, it is a cone with sunflower seeds glued on it. After the feeder is ready you can hang or put it on the tree for birds.

As for ice entertainments we played with ice bricks, took a look at ice murals, where kids were painting nice and colorful walls, did not allow to Teddy as he is still a baby for this activity.
Another icy thing to do was an ice slide. It was awesome, I worried that Teddy is too little to take it, but I saw kiddos younger than Teddy ridden with no fear.
Teddy also received a little gift – an Ice Kiddy Cube with a little bear inside. We took the Cube home, put it outside the window, watching how cube was melting, and when it was almost water we took our little cute bear home to play. It was fun.

I also want to mention that we met Snow Queen, Snowman, a Bird and a Hula Hoop performer, were riding Snow Mobiles, played hockey, and tried Maple Syrup.

It was an awesome day. Thank you Downsview Park!!!

If you like to know more about Downsview Park and Winter Fest you can find it here: 

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