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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Let's Glow Studio Fun Kit To Craft Glowing Outfit for Videos ✨ | #LetsGlowStudio

LetsGlow Studio is a creator kit of reflective fashion accessories to light up glow parties, sleepovers, or group gatherings. When I first watched videos on TikTok where kids were using LetsGlow accessories, I thought they applied special filters or used app effects. But when we got LetsGlow Studio ourselves, I found out that the idea behind the kit is simple and it is quite easy to use.  This influencer video creator kit does not require any app or filters, and can be used on any photo or video streaming platform like TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.

LetsGlow Studio kit comes with a variety of non-toxic adhesive reflective sheets, and over 65 ft of reusable reflective materials to use in your videos. There are also 3 stencils to craft some shapes for your outfit like a heart or a flower, 6 hair clips, 1 pair shutter shades glasses, reflective nails sticker sheet, double sided reflective thread rolls and reflective gloves. Alphabet letters stencil is very helpful to cut out letters you need and design your own messages. 

Everyone can create  their own custom shapes they like, just use reflective sticker sheets for your projects. 
Once your design is ready, attach the LetsGlow LED Clip to any tablet or phone camera and control the reflective LED color of your accessories using the remote control. Light up your accessories and make fun and unique videos with your friends and family! You can choose the shade of your LED color via included in the kit remote control. You can also keep one color in your video or apply the sequence of colors using a mode on your remote. 

There are lots of ideas on how to use reflective materials. For example, Teddy cut out a word LIKE using alphabet stencil and attached it to his shutter shades glasses. He also used thread rolls and a moustache in his videos . It was entertaining to make those videos, they look funny! I think we are going to shop for more adhesive reflective sheets because Teddy has many ideas in mind on how to use them in his TikTok videos. 

The holidays are just around the corner and this time of year represents the perfect occasion to prepare for upcoming festivities, buy gifts and plan gatherings. LetsGlow Studio makes a wonderful gift for both kids and adults, for everyone who loves fun activities. Even if there is no opportunity to meet and have fun in person, there are also ways to share videos and create online video messages including duet.  

LetsGlow Studio is designed for kids ages eight and up and available at Indigo, Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us and Mastermind starting $24.99.

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