.@TeddyOutReady: Mochi Robotics Kit 🧸 for Little Ones To Learn Coding | Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mochi Robotics Kit 🧸 for Little Ones To Learn Coding | Holiday Gift Guide 2020

These days when demand for professionals in STEM are on the rise, parents and educators are looking for the ways to develop children's science, technology, engineering and math skills as early as at preschool age. Little learners ask million questions every day and express honest interest in everything they see and encounter. The most fun way to teach children STEM is using toys and games. The selection of toys is enormous, and it is good to find something challenging that your kid really likes. Even toddlers and preschoolers can learn some programming and robotics if you find the right STEM toys for them to play.

Mochi Robotics Kit is an educational kit designed for children ages 3 to 9. Kids can learn screen-free coding and the basics of computer programming in a playful and fun way. They explore STEM subjects using themed storybooks. There are thirteen content packs for kids available to learn different subjects including ABCs, Colors, Numbers, Animals and others . The kit Teddy received has Planets and Space theme. 

Mochi Robotics Kit includes a Programmable Board which reminds a mini-computer, a story map, a story book, storyteller SD card, craft pieces, Lego connectors, Mochi Bear and a Robotic Car where Mochi Bear explores the world and coding blocks. 

When we received a pack, it was heavy with many pieces to assemble. It was a great way to learn about pairing and controlling to start with. It turned out to be very easy to assemble, but there are six AA batteries are needed, three for the Programmable Board and three for the Robotic Car (not included in the kit).

The Programmable Board automatically pairs with the Robotic Car, you can check it based on steady green light on both devices. When kids use coding blocks, placing them on the Programmable Board, push the GO button, the Robotic Car performs a command or a sequence of commands. The Robotic Car is where Mochi Bear explores the world. The Car moves left, right and forward depending on a command. Each block is assigned for a specific task.  For example, the green one with a Mochi's paw picture is the move forward command, blue ones are for moving left and right. The red coding block with a Mochi and a book - reads the book to the children. Our storybook is about Planets, so we listen a story about Mochi travelling from one planet to another in the Solar System

I think the most interesting block is FUN coding block, it allows to program a sequence of commands which are placed in the row at the bottom of the Programmable Board called FUNction. Probably, the best way to teach little ones about functions, procedures and arrays. The Robotic Car moves according to the set of commands, it can be used without a story map if you like. The map makes it much easier to see and learn how the car is controlled.

Children can start playing with basic commands and then add more function parts to the Programmable Board

It is not only for preschoolers to have fun; the whole family can join playing with Mochi kit and enjoy some time together. The Robotic Car is also Lego - compatible, so Teddy used some of his bricks to decorate the car. 

I think many kids will love playing with Mochi Robotics Kit because it includes a variety of activities. Kids get bored easily, especially preschoolers. So, little ones can play with the Programmable Board and the Robotic Car, add and remove different coding blocks, play with cute Mochi Bear, decorate the Robotic Car, go through the book and check what is inside.  Mochi Bear has magnets inside his paws so kids can place the bear in different spots to see how magnets work in fun way. 

Our only concern is that we do not have enough coding blocks to use the Programmable Board to the full capacity, I think we need to buy them separately or with another themed kit.

To get more information about Mochi Robotics Kit and other themed packs, please visit their web site. The kit makes an amazing gift to young kids this holiday season. You can order the kit on Amazon or directly from the company. I encourage you to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates and discounts. Happy coding time!