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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Thomas And The Magic Railroad πŸš‚ 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray™ + DVD Review | Shout! Kids

Thomas The Tank Engine has been a favorite character for many generations. It is not surprising that interesting stories about a cute locomotive and his friends won the hearts of many viewers.  

This fall the fan-favorite Thomas And The Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition) is coming to Blu-ray/DVD from Shout! Kids

The story takes us to the magical Island of Sodor that has been the realm of enchantment, innocence, and talking train engines. Mr. Conductor is taking care of the whole railway whilst Sir Topham Hatt is away. Mr. C comes from a family of miniature Conductors who travel between the Island of Sodor and Shining Time Station thanks to a supply of mysterious gold dust. Everything works amazingly perfect.

Unfortunately, the railroad baddie Diesel brings much trouble to Sodor’s steam engines. His plan is to destroy Thomas and Mr. C. and then take over Sodor before Sir Topham Hatt’s return. Diesel is very smart and his tactics deserve to be watched. He attacks step by step meticulously choosing the right time for his malicious actions. Thomas and Mr. C must save the engines before his dwindling supply of gold dust runs out! 

Lily feels that her grandfather, up in his workshop on Muffle Mountain, can be the one to crack the code that will save the Conductor family and bring back to life the Magic Railroad. That railroad runs between Sodor and the beautiful Indian Valley surrounding Shining Time. Lily teams up with Mr. C and Thomas set out to get Sodor back on track in this full-length adventure starring the world’s #1 locomotive Thomas

We were amazed with travels through the Island of Sodor,  Shining Time Station and Muffle Mountain. The Island of Sodor is so beautiful and the Magic Railroad is the one everybody should take a ride on. 

We liked watching the movie especially the moments when favotite locomotives go back and forward. Teddy realized how hard and serious conductor's work because every locomotive relies on you for safety and support on the railroad. Mysterious gold dust is a great way to travel and flower tops are the way to communicate in the movie. The characters face many challenges like decoding special messages, giving up past regrets and taking responsibilities.  And there are some quite funny moments to enjoy.

The release is packed with extensive special features, sure to thrill fans who have long clamored for the film’s deleted scenes to be released. The list of special features includes new interviews with the film’s stars Alec Baldwin, Mara Wilson, and Didi Conn as well as the film’s composer Hummie Mann, a two-part documentary with writer/director/producer Britt Allcroft, a behind-the-scenes reel, and deleted storylines and lost scenes, including deleted scenes with Peter Fonda, Didi Conn, Russell Means, and Doug Lennox

This year Thomas And The Magic Railroad celebrates its 20th anniversary and Thomas the Tank Engine is marking his 75th year as a favorite children’s character. Originally part of the Rev W. Awdry’s Little Railway book series, first released in 1945, Thomas was brought to life through the cherished TV series Thomas & Friends, created by Britt Allcroft in the early 1980s. 

  • ”Return To Shining Time: Your Ticket To Thomas And The Magic Railroad” – Two-Part Documentary With Writer/Director/Producer Britt Allcroft
  • “Hello Mr. Conductor” – Interview With Alec Baldwin
  • “Finding Your Sparkle” – Interview With Mara Wilson
  • “There’s Something About This Place” – Interview With Didi Conn
  • “The Sounds Of Sodor” – Interview With Composer Hummie Mann 
  • Behind-The-Scenes Reel
  • Deleted Story Lines

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