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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle Digital Release | Shout Kids

Do wishes come true? Of course, they do! However, you should be careful what you are wishing for. The recent Shout! Factory release Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle tells stories filled with magic and wishes come true.

The mysterious machine is delivered to Sesame Street. It looks like a fortune teller with a Pickle in a gown sitting inside. After learning what this machine is for, Elmo, Chris, and Ernie found out that their wishes are coming true after talking to the magical pickle. Elmo wishes to be a grown-up and run Hooper’s Store, he switches bodies with Chris. Chris wants to be like Elmo and answer all the questions! Ernie tries to help his friend achieve his dream of becoming a TV meteorologist, but Bert ends up trapped in the television, showing up in different shows like cooking, wrestling and was even chased by a shark.

Then Cookie Monster wishes for more cookies which results in 200 Cookie Monsters appearing in Sesame Street neighborhood. Abby teams up with her favorite storybook detective, Natalie Neptune played by Amanda Seyfried, to figure out what’s going on. The detective is brought to life by Abby's wish.

At the end the gang found a way to fix everything. It was a good lesson for everyone to learn that everyone can become whoever they want, no magic needed. They also realized, that each of them has special skills and talents they should be proud of.

Later Abby and her friends continue to look for magic and find out that some magical items do not seem to be so magical after all. They are created and used by regular folks to make life better and easier.

Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle is now available for digital download from Shout! Factory and Sesame Workshop.

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