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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

JumpStart Academy Offers FREE and Discounted Educational Programs for Kids At-Home | On-Line Education

JumpStart Academy is well-known for its award-winning home and school programs that educators can seamlessly integrate into curriculum and track student progress. Its resource library includes worksheets to practice skills, activities to do together at home or on-the-go and informative articles for parents looking for advice.

JumpStart Academy provide easy and accessible learning tools for kids of all ages and came out to help with resources for families, students, teachers and educational leaders during this difficult time.

Kindergarten To Grade 6 Students

The company to announce that their JumpStart Academy Math program will be completely FREE for users until August 31, 2020. Math is probably one of the most essential subject to learn for kids these days. The FREE account will also include access to JSA Coding.

JumpStart Academy Math: is an award-winning online individualized math program that provides parents with engaging Kindergarten through 6th-grade activities for their children. Children master core math concepts through parent assigned lessons or by independently progressing through a series of practice levels across four math domains.

JumpStart Academy Preschool and Kindergarten: provides educational games and activities for children ages 3 to 8. This ever-growing series covers a wide range of topics including reading, math, and coding. Consumers can access a FREE 7-day trial and then purchase a 50% discounted annual subscription to continue the learning for only $39.99.

Grade 7 and Up Students 

To support children above 6th grade, JumpStart Academy has partnered with its sister company Edmodo to offer its tutoring program, AskMo, for FREE. AskMo takes the frustration out of homework time with a new mobile app for live personalized tutoring in Math or Science for 7th – 12th graders.

With AskMo you can be confident that your student is getting the homework support they need. Try it out with 25 free help sessions using the code: JSA25 (expires 5/01/2020). Install the app, create a free account, then simply enter the code after signing in. From the AskMo app, students can take a pic of their homework problem and text-chat with a live expert tutor. Together they work on the specific problem, learning the concept in bite-size 10-20 minute sessions. Students can ask for homework help anytime day or night, 365 days a year covering subjects from basic Math to AP Physics.

For more information, please visit AskMo or go directly to the AppleApp Store or Google Play store.

Hope these accessible tools will help kids in their learning journey while staying home!