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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Own It All Book by Andrea Isabelle Lucas 📕 Stop Waiting and Start Creating Your Life | Mango Publishing

Own It All

Own It All book is written by Andrea Isabelle Lucas, founder and CEO of Barre & Soul. When I first time saw it in list of self-development books, I thought it would make a nice read. In the book Andrea shares her experience form being in abusing relationship to becoming an owner of profitable business. It did not come overnight, everything Andrea reached took years of learning, practicing and creating. While she continues to learn and grow, Andrea encourages women (and men) to own their life by stop waiting for someone else to create the perfect life for you. Take your right to create the life you want and live how you want without spending it on mundane tasks, regretting and blaming everyone around.

Everyone has own problems, life circumstances and abilities, and only you know what life you want to live and to make you happy. The book offers practical guidance on how to do and be who you really want to be. You do not need to compare yourself to other people's success and happiness because it is their success and we have to create our own happiness. For example, I like the advice that we need to learn to say "No" more often, because if I say "Yes" to every opportunity, problem and help call, I would end up my days fixing other people problems exhausting myself. I also learned that if you want to move forward you must take risks, then another and another one. Without risks, which like stir the guts in your stomach and scare you to some point, you remain at the same stage of your life.

The book also covers how to let your past go, in case  you regret something you did or was embarrassed, try to acknowledge it and be proud of it because it is what to made who you are right now. Yes, own you past and let it go. There are lots of ideas and practical advice are shared in the book. It is split by categories, like Own Your Relationship, Own Your Health, Own Your Career and others. There are many interviews and stories from other people who live their lives and shares their experiences how they did it. I realized that some practical advice Andrea shared I already use in my life, only to ensure that everything else she inspires is going to work for me too.

Each chapter includes spreadsheets  with questions and lines to fill right away for the readers. The book encourages you not to wait and start taking actions immediately. By writing first steps you make a move forward the life you want to live. If you feel lost or simply have no idea where to start, this situation is also covered in the book. Try to think what makes you happy, which activities, people or places, interaction bring you joy. You can even think what you feel envious about, someone perfect life style, travel adventures or special skills. That means you want these things incorporate in your life, you would not envy something you did not like for yourself.

Own It All book is a good source of guidance and support, it gives answers to many questions and encourages you to take control of your life.

For more information about the author Andrea Isabelle Lucas and Barre & Soul, please visit https://andreaisabellelucas.com!

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