.@TeddyOutReady: Pre App Offers Huge Help in Organizing Your Gatherings #tech

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pre App Offers Huge Help in Organizing Your Gatherings #tech

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We know that there is an app for almost everything. From time to time new app comes up to the market and you realize that cannot live without it. As soon as you start thinking you have everything you may need, the technology brings you a new app, new convenient & easy way to do things in your life. Some apps are just for fun while other can make a difference and help a lot. Over the years I tried different apps and recently I had a chance to try new app ready to launch called Pre, new way to connect and communicate with people about the location. For meetings, friends' gatherings, sports events or family schedules, Pre helps to find out when everyone is coming to designated spot and where the person is now.

The app is easy to use, just set your destination and share with everyone who needs to attend it: family, friends or co-workers. Coordinate the outing with other people using Pre messages and know where they are now and when they show up. I like that I can tell people that I am already on the designated spot and can share some tips about parking and how to get to the area. Plus I worry less when I know were my friends or family members now and that they are coming safe very soon. You can also check if your friends are back home safe from the meeting what means less stress for everyone. You can also share your location by sending your friends a quick Pre telling them where you are now. Tell your loved ones that you are on the way. The app shows on the map and approximate time needed to get to the final spot when they send you Pre, so you do not need to know when uncle comes or where is grandma with kids. If you share that you're going somewhere, location will be shared until you arrive.

Pre App Map PreApp Trip

The app has various emoji and pictures to choose for your profile, you can also share with friends a picture from your current location.

When two people want to meet that's pretty easy to coordinate, but when more than two, then Pre comes really helpful. Check it out, Pre is now exclusively available in Canada on iOS and very soon will be launched for Android users.

Let's go out in style with Pre App!

Pre App Gathering Screen

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