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Sunday, October 30, 2016

We Day Family 2016 Join the Power to Change the World #WeFamily

We Day Nationally

This year we first time attended We Movement event in Toronto. It was first WE Day Family designed to help families bring the power of change into their homes, raise caring and compassionate children, and to set them on a path to responsibility, fulfillment and success. In a world filled with anger, hate and loss We Day brings essential messages and encourages for the action to change the world for better. We need to teach kids how to solve problems, help others, be responsible for taken actions and build the future we really want to have.

Chris Hadfield WeDay

WE Day Family featured inspirational families and speakers who with their life, actions and support show that everyone can be a change in this world. Nelly Furtado, Paula Abdul, Rick Hansen, Margaret Trudeau, Chris Hadfield, Joe Roberts and many others shared personal stories of leadership and achievements. Start from yourself, your school, your community, volunteer, act, research and lead. I like that WE Day Family shows it to lead by example so that the families, parents and kids see what they can do for their community and they are not alone in their endeavors. While we are setting our kids to success WE Day Family brings a powerful message that there’s more to life than marks and physical possessions and it takes more than money to make the world go around.

Nelly Furtado Lilly Singh Paula Abdul Gord Downie

Everything starts from the family, if we want to change anything in the country, school, community, life it is where positive things take the first step.

During WE Day Family event we heard lots of stories, some of them inspiring and already making a huge impact but other ones were quite sad and eye-opening to show that we should follow that path and acknowledge that it is our hands to build better future for us and our children.

We Family Day Hunger Rick Hansen We Day Family

While the event is over, everyone left for their homes and families, the most important is to keep the spark and take it to everyday life. I like that WE Day offers resources for families on how you can incorporate positive changes in your life, check their website. There are so many things can be made to make your life better, from getting up early, helping your neighbors, volunteering and much more. Lots of activities require only your sincere wish to move on and participate. There are also opportunities to support the Movement by donating, buying unique merchandise or joining WE trips.

Together we can make difference in the world.
WEDay Family Toronto

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