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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Visiting Marineland Park


Last week we had a trip to Niagara Falls and while there are lots of attractions at this popular tourist location, we could not skip visiting Marineland. I am glad we decided to visit Marineland in September. This is the time to avoid the crowds and line-ups to rides and shows. The day of our visit according to weather forecast promised to be rainy and with thunderstorms, but miracle happens and we got absolutely fantastic day – warm and sunny.
Marineland Show

Our marine adventures started with the show at the King Waldorf Stadium, where dolphins presented their best tricks with high jumps, dancing moves and funny shakes. Then sea lions played with rings showing their strong catches and a good team work. Finally, impressive Walrus appearance finalized the show. I like that the show is not very long, enough keep our little kid attention from the beginning to the end.

Underwater Teddy Underwater

Next on our list was Friendship Cove with impressive underwater viewing of Beluga Whales and Killer Whale. Beluga Whales look absolutely fabulous, they are huge with white color skin and have an innocent facial impression. And it turned out that white belugas are really friendly and nice when we joined feeding and touching session. Teddy was so excited to be close to a cute beluga at Arctic Cove; she was totally adorable and very talented. She can sing and could show that when Teddy tried some gestures with his fingers being like a music conductor. Our new friend also showed how she could spin, give a high-five and jump high, very impressive. She has very good teeth and soft skin.

Beluga Touching Beluga High Five Beluga

We also had a chance to meet bears relaxing on sunny day and bison. It was fun to feed fish in a pond and little deer at the Deer Castle.

Bears Deer Fish Feeding

No way to skip various rides at Marineland, from very high one like Sky Screamer – the world’s highest triple tower ride 450 ft. giving you a spectacular view of the Niagara Falls to family friendly ones. I like how some rides designed follow the marine theme like Boat Carousel or Ocean Odyssey. Not all rides suitable for younger kids like Teddy but he had a good time taking the ones for his height. Kids can experience all the thrills of Sky Screamer at Orca Screamer, the kid’s version of the highest triple tower ride. Or have fun at Lady Bug Coaster- a roller coaster for little kids. Most of rides for young children conveniently located in one place, we gave it a name Kids Park because we met lots of families there.


The park will be open till October 12, 2014 so if you like to visit Marineland this year, there is still some time left. Do not miss an opportunity to learn about marine mammals, enjoy the shows and take breathtaking rides. If you have little kids it is better to take a stroller or a wagon since you need to walk a lot. Enjoy your time at Niagara Falls until cold weather takes over.

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