.@TeddyOutReady: Teddy at the Canadian National Exhibition 2013 #CNE

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teddy at the Canadian National Exhibition 2013 #CNE

CNE Teddy rides

Living in Toronto it is a tradition to come every year to CNE and say goodbye to summer and have a fun and relaxing family time together. Teddy likes planes and we decided to go to CNE during air show performance.

CNE Thomas Diego Dora Teddy

We start with Thomas & Friends Live Show which appears to be a little dull for Teddy, because Thomas just moved his eyes around and didn’t make any moves. Teddy liked Let’s Make Music zone and made a lot of noise trying different instrument. Then we took a photo with Dora and Diego. Teddy loves them both and was exited to see so familiar The Map, Knapsack and Rescue pack on them.

CNE YTV Hockey Play
At YTV WOW! Zone Teddy played ball hockey, soccer and basketball and won some prizes! After that we visited the Reptilia Cruiser and looked into the world of pythons, alligators, tortoises, iguanas and even rattlesnakes. Splash’N Boots performance on Kids' World Stage was hip and edgy, but we weren’t able to talk and take a picture with them.

CNE Splash N Boots

By that time the 64th annual Canadian International Air Show soared over Lake Ontario for another awe-inspiring show. Teddy liked aerobatics and spine tingling stunts, but sudden noise that happened when planes flyover disturbed him for few seconds every time. It was a cloudy day and air show took a break every time when it wasn’t safe for performers to fly. Unfortunately Teddy was not able to sit and wait for a long time and we skipped a lot of planes.

CNE Teddy rides tractor CNE Teddy in wagon CNE Farm

We went to Farm after that to see live animals, Celebrity Sand Sculpture, Butter Sculpting and of cause Kids AgVenture. Teddy’s favorites were 3 wheels horse riding, tractor driving and Fun Train trip.

 photo CNETeddy_zps8236b43b.jpg

Across the street in Arts Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion was a display of TOY-RONTO KINGDOM with amazing vision of Toronto created in origami, features a 1.3 meter high CN Tower and other notable Toronto landmarks. The final stop of our CNE adventures was Acrobatic Show in Ricoh Coliseum.

It was a nice show that let us sit half an hour after whole day of different activities and relax in cool place and enjoy acrobatic performance. When next day we asked Teddy what he liked the most at CNE, he said that planes and acrobats.
CNE Fountain


  1. That looks like such a fun exhibit and Teddy looks like he definitely had some fun that day! That fountain looks incredible, too.

  2. That looks like such a fun event!! I love Dora :) Are those turkeys he is looking at? They don't look the right color but they look like turkeys lol.

    1. These turkeys are young (not sure few weeks only) that's why they look like that.

  3. Oh! Super cute! My little guy would absolutely love this! Awww....