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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teddy's first flight

Teddy likes planes. Toronto is a very big city and any time you look into the sky, you almost for sure will see at least one and sometimes two or more planes at the same time. From the early age Teddy knew that these are planes and often looked up to spot them and showed us his genuine excitement when he saw them. We bought lots of clothes with planes on them. When he was younger and couldn’t speak, he pointed on the print of the plane on his clothes every time we saw a real plain in the sky.

This summer we went on vacation overseas and it was a time for Teddy finally to get inside a plane. We remember times when a bus drove you to a plane and you had to take steps to get into a plane. It is not convenient for adults, but would mean so much for a toddler that flying for the first time in his life. Unfortunately Teddy wasn’t able to enjoy the view of whole aircraft and experience an unobstructed entrance there. He saw aircrafts only through the windows of airport, a lot of them. In the plain he discovered a remote control and learned very fast how to switch the light on and off and how to activate a crew assistance signal. Good thing that it could be turned off from our remote as well and we deactivated a crew assistance signal several times until he bored with his remote.

We flew by KLM and they offered a kids activity package, which caught Teddy’s attention for another hour or so. It was fun to open and close aircraft illuminator window shutters – myriad of times. Playing with a table that emerges form the front seat appears a lot of fun too – not for person who seats on that seat. We got a few angry looks from a young gentleman that occupied seat in front of Teddy – we are sorry!
And of course it was an amazing experience for Teddy to see clouds, fly over them and see buildings and roads from the bird-eye.

He flew four times during our vacation, average 7 hours for a flight. One time he started crying and we wasn’t able to calm him for almost 30 minutes. Good thing that people there understood and supported us – thank you so much!

In general it was a very good experience for Teddy and he understands now what is going on within the plain when he sees it in the sky. When we ask him if he wants to fly in the plain again, he smiles and says “Yes” – who wouldn’t? The only disappointment is that summer vacation is over and appeared to be so short.

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