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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teddy's first haircut

So this day finally arrived, Teddy had to have his first haircut as we are going on summer vacation and Teddy was the only guy in our family who did not go to a hairstylist for more than two years.

We postponed his first haircut as long as possible saying that Teddy was not ready, or he was going to cry and refuse to sit quietly. And since we are going to visit our grandparents and other relatives his handsome haircut had to be done for sure.

So we found an awesome children's hair care salon Melonhead close to us and last week we booked Teddy's haircut. Before our appointment we prepared Teddy saying that he is going to have a haircut, a lady is going to work on his hair. I also gave my little boy a Melonhead sheet to colour with his crayons  to get familiar with Melonhead ( 10% off his first haircut too).

On Father's Day we walked into Promenade Mall Melonhead, a nice salon with planes, cars, ponies to sit in. Teddy decided to sit in a plane, then our hairstylist covered him a cape with characters.

Our stylist was a very nice lady, she was fast and the haircut was over. To our big surprise Teddy was very quiet during the haircut, may be he was ready for it or it was just new experience to Teddy and he was not sure how to behave.

Then our hair lady styled Teddy's hair and we were ready to go. We took home a cute Certificate with a few flocks of hair. And before leaving Teddy had a ride on a pony.

So here our cute little man Teddy, can you see how a haircut makes a baby look much older.

I think it is opposite for us adults, we look younger with a haircut.

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