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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walmart Baby Shower at Square One: What We Learned #LetsTalkBaby

Lets Talk Baby

To expectant parents excitement, Walmart recently launched online Baby Registry to make families life much easier and less stressful. To celebrate this amazing addition to Walmart services we were invited to Walmart Square One to learn more about relatively new Baby Registry and meet parenting expert Alyson Schafer. We all have our questions and suggestions to share, ask, find support and expert tips on raising active and healthy children, especially if we are the first time parents.

Alyson Schafer

We had a very informative meeting; I liked the Alyson Schafer's presentation and her supportive and professional attitude to all our needs, questions and even complains about our lives and our children. I was able to re-think, as she told us, about family and friends who are ready to help us and we should accept it, just let them do it. I found that having professional advice from the parental expert not only gives you the right direction but also convince the grandparents and aunts who were parents for newborns for about 30 years ago why we do certain thing and use these baby products nowadays. I understand that every family is unique but it is great to have always to refer in search of the second opinion. New baby also brings new experiences and challenges we never had before.

As Alyson Schafer mentioned and may be it is an essential topic to discuss how relationship between parents changes when new member of your family takes all your time and energy. Same like in a story when a new father is asking when his wife is coming back to normal, and the answer - when your kid leaves for a college.

After the presentation everyone had a chance to talk to Alyson Schafer in person. Families which visited Walmart Square One that day had a chance to join the celebration, learn about new Baby Registry, play games and try delicious treats.

Diaper Cake Walmart Canada Cupcakes

Baby Registry is a wonderful idea to have all the necessary items collected in one place. Knowing that Walmart carries vast selection of products in store and online, new Baby Registry is exactly what new parents are looking for.

Walmart Baby Shower Celebration

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