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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kid reviews matter: listen to opinions of little ones

You know that we are on the search of our new car, we ready for the change mostly technically but not financially. It is fascinating to listen to the kids when they talk about cars and in a car, it is like another world for them to explore.

I like when my boy proudly said that when he grows up he will occupy driver’s seat and take us anywhere we want. He also knows a lot about lights, turns and driving as a passenger. And I think his opinion would be really important when making our purchasing decision, the reason is he has sincere attitude to what he likes or not; and gladly shares his ideas.
This week I stumbled upon this cute video review on the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport by 10-year-old girl Simone, check it out. It is straightforward and adorable.

It is interesting that most of the time I checked serious reviews, full of technical details (sometimes I do not even know what they were really about), this time I was thinking simply ask my little one what he is looking in a new car and just start from that.

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